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My name is Bruno Lopes, and I’m a generalist 3D artist with experience and strengths in organic and hard modeling, texturing. lighting and photo realistic render.

I’m working in the industry as a full time 3D artist since 2005. Before that and since 2000 I was architectural designer in several architecture studios.

My background as architecture designer gave me a solid understating  in creating and reading architecture projects. Architecture is my passion and work in the architectural visualization industry is a plus for what I really like to do, but I like also to do everything 3D related.

Furthermore, I am also a certified instructor of 3D Max, Sketchup and Vray.


  • 3D Modeling
  • Texturing
  • Lighting
  • Photo realistic render
  • Personalized Training of 3DsMax, Vray and Sketchup
  • Autodesk AutoCAD or similar
  • Google Sketchup (modeling)
  • Autodesk 3DsMax (modeling, texturing, lighting and render)
  • ChaosGroup Vray (render engine)
  • UvLayout (unwrap uvw)
  • Pixplant (textures)
  • Adobe Photoshop (textures and image editing)
  • Adobe After Effects (post production)
  • Others

Nelson Painço | CG Artist

Bruno is hungry for knowledge. Always looking for something new, he outstands himself on every new work he completes. Awesome colleague, partner, friend and trainer. Always there when you need help and always sharing some new and tips and tricks. Great, great, great 3d artist.

João Grilo | CG Artist

Great dedicated worker, creating stunning images.

Simão Fernandes

As a co-worker and friend, Bruno is dedicated, hardworking and is always ready to help. It would be a pleasure to work again with Bruno.

Nuno Souza Uva | SZOLC - Proprietor / Executive Director

Bruno is a skilled 3D artist with a lot knowledge in Computer Graphics. It was a pleasure to work with Bruno during my Arqui300 stay.

Hugo Silva | CG Artist

Bruno is an highly talented Artist with big knowledge of Computer Graphics. Very professional and allways ready to help others in technical problems. It’s a pleasure to work with Bruno.

For a complete profile, please visit my LinkedIn Profile